Tips For Finding A Handyman For Your Rental Property


Maintenance and repairs are a crucial part of managing your rental property. As the owner of C21 Doug Anderson says, you have to find a skillful and trustworthy person to help you meet the practical needs.

A reliable handyman is always there when you need him. Whenever there’s an urgent problem or scheduled maintenance, you know that they are there to help and fix the issues.

What are the benefits of hiring a handyman?

  • They have the necessary experience
  • The price is more affordable compared to general contractors
  • They can help you with multiple rental units
  • It’s highly likely that they have the certifications for specialized work
  • They will do the job faster compared to doing it on your own
  • The quality will be high because they have relevant experience

What are the downsides of hiring a handyman?

  • Compared to specialists, they have less experience in any given narrow field of expertise.
  • They tend to work alone, meaning the work takes more time compared to a designated team.
  • You’ll face higher expenses compared to doing things on your own.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. It makes sense for landlords to hire a handyman.

How to find a reliable handyman?

Many landlords aren’t sure where to start looking for a great handyman. Here are some of the main approaches to find a reliable handyman for your rental property.

Do you want to find a handyman of the highest work quality? In this case, contacting the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals is a good start. Specify your area and they can let you know if they have any members working there.

Another option is reaching out to the United Handyman Association. It’s an independent association for setting the quality standards.

Use the power of personal networks. Ask for recommendations from your neighbors, friends, and other landlords. Someone is bound to introduce you to a reliable handyman.

Personal references are a very useful tool for finding top talent. The people you know wouldn’t recommend a handyman who isn’t up to the task.

Browse sites online. Use Google, Craigslist, and Angie’s List to find the best handyman out there. The latter is an especially good site for finding a handyman.

The search and review functions are stellar. You can see trustworthy reviews from previous customers that can tell you a lot about any particular service provider.

What else can you do for finding a good handyman?

Word of mouth referrals are a very good way to to find a good handyman and with technology today reading what others have to say about the services on Google, FaceBook or any other page that allow reviews offer a very valuable insight to the company you are considering to hire.

  • Compare multiple estimates

Do you have a few outstanding candidates? Ask individual estimates from all the candidates. Then you can see the price and delivered service ratio. You might find someone who provides exceptional value compared to the other candidates.

  • Work with a contract

Always find a handyman willing to sign a detailed written contract. Oral agreements are not as good as they tend to raise the risk of disputes. Sometimes these arguments over financial matters may end up in court.

  • Specify their availability

Some handymen do emergency repairs, but others don’t. You should make sure that your handyman accepts urgent tasks if that’s your need as a landlord.

  • Check their history on the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is a great place for finding out about their professional past. You should be careful not to hire a handyman who has many past issues with their clients.

What about the handyman’s pricing, licence and insurance?

You need to make sure that your handyman provides transparent pricing. There are quite a few things you should look out for. Also transparency such as Business licence and Insurance.

  • Does your handyman charge by the hour or 30 minutes? Or even in 15-minute increments?
  • Is there a different price depending on the type of services offered?
  • Do they give out free estimates?
  • How much room is there for negotiating the final price?
  • Is it possible to pay by project instead of the hourly rate?
  • Do they have current licences to be in business?
  • Is the Insurance they have enough and also current?

What else to ask from a handyman?

Ask a lot of questions before hiring someone. In this way, you’ll understand how they work and whether they are a good match for your needs. Have a look at the following list of questions to get inspiration for the interview.

  • How long have you worked as a handyman?
  • Can you provide a guarantee for the quality of your work?
  • Do you work alone or in a team?
  • What kind of licenses and qualifications do you currently hold?
  • Have you applied for liability insurance?
  • Is it possible to get a written quote before any actual work is done?
  • Do you have samples of similar work that you have done before? Any photo or video proof?
  • Could you provide references to your past clients?

The bottom line: finding a handyman for your rental property

When you have a rental property, repairs and maintenance are essential services you need to provide for your tenants.

Hiring a handyman can make your life easier. Follow the tips and suggestions outlined above to find the best match for your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

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