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Are you frustrated over of trying to balance your career, family, and home? If that is the case, you’ve found the right place!

Hi, I’m TJ Ward – a professional handyman and Managing Member at Handy Remodeler, LLC. Love helping busy homeowners like you with on your home or vacation home, is what we do. If you need remodeling services for your home in Whitefish or Columbia Falls – we have a broad range of skills and we would be happy to help.

No challenge is too great, and Handy Remodeler has what it takes to exceed your expectations and provide expert home renovations that you will love. Contact us today!

Transform Your Whitefish Home with Remodeling Services

Do you dream of a home that is both functional and beautiful? Home remodeling services can help you achieve your ideal living space. From adding value to your property to creating a relaxing atmosphere, the benefits of home renovation are endless. Whether you’re looking to update a single room or transform your entire house, professional remodeling can help you achieve your goals. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of home transformation, from bathroom remodeling to outdoor enhancements such as patios and decks. We will also discuss the art of whole home remodeling, including comprehensive planning and the process from concept to completion. Additionally, we will address common challenges in home renovation and how our vetted professionals with years of combined experience ensure excellence every step of the way. Join us on this journey and discover how home remodeling can elevate your lifestyle.

Why Choose Whitefish Home Remodeling Services?

Looking to transform your home? Choose professional remodeling services for skilled craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and a step-by-step renovation process. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, these services cater to all your remodeling needs. Experience the difference they can make in transforming your living spaces.

The Value of Investing in Home Renovations

Enhancing residential functionality, adding value, improving energy efficiency, and increasing appeal through quality craftsmanship.

The Impact of Professional Remodeling on Property Value

Elevating property market value, ensuring realistic budgets, increasing desirability, and delivering top-notch workmanship.

Exploring Various Aspects of Home Transformation

Whole home renovations cater to construction needs, while bathroom and basement transformations refresh living spaces. Outdoor enhancements add value. Remodelers offer comprehensive planning support.

The Role of Remodeling Services in Home Transformation

Enhancing living spaces with renovation services, including extra bedroom additions and outdoor living areas. Comprehensive planning ensures a smooth renovation process from start to finish.

Bathroom Renovations for a Refreshing Change

Transform your bathroom with layouts meeting your needs and quality craftsmanship delivering professionalism.

Basement Refinishing: Converting Storage Space into Living Space

Transforming underutilized areas into livable spaces, emphasizing homeowner’s vision and skilled craftsmanship. Prioritizing professionalism.

Outdoor Enhancements: Patios and Decks

Elevate outdoor spaces with meticulous craftsmanship, quality fixtures, and timely project completion for enhanced living.

The Art of Whole Home Remodeling

Skilled home remodelers prioritize customer service and comprehensive planning for energy-efficient living spaces.

Comprehensive Planning for Home Remodeling

Professional remodelers collaborate with homeowners to establish a realistic budget for the project’s completion. Skilled craftsmanship is evident in every step of whole home renovation, emphasizing tailored home improvement services.

The Process from Concept to Completion

Every residential project begins with a vision and concludes with a stunning transformation. Meticulous attention to detail is key. Quality craftsmanship and careful planning are the hallmarks of the entire remodeling process. The journey brings your dream home to reality.

Trusting Your Home Remodeling Contractors

Entrusting your home transformation to experienced professionals guarantees quality workmanship and a stress-free experience.

Vetted Professionals for Quality Results

When it comes to your renovation project, rely on our vetted professionals for quality craftsmanship.

Years of Combined Experience Ensuring Excellence

Trust the expertise of our contractors with years of experience for your home renovation projects.

The Journey of Your Home Remodeling Project

Embarking on your home remodeling journey involves meticulous planning, attention to detail, and transformative experiences. Every step guided by professional expertise ensures the best experience from consultation to completion.

Initial Measure and Consultation

Setting the stage for successful home remodeling with a comprehensive initial measure and consultation process.

Detailed Design and Quote

Ensuring Comprehensive Layout and Plan for Your Home Remodeling Project

Smooth Build and Install Process

Guided by professionalism, our remodelers ensure a smooth build and install process for renovations.

Navigating Home Remodeling Challenges

Addressing common concerns during home renovation is crucial, requiring a proactive approach and attention to detail. Trust our expertise.

Addressing Common Concerns in Home Renovation

Entrusting experienced contractors ensures seamless completion, addressing common concerns for successful home renovation projects.

How Can Home Remodeling Elevate Your Lifestyle?

Enhance your lifestyle with home remodeling. Improve functionality, energy efficiency, and property value. Tailor your living space to your needs. Trust professional services for quality craftsmanship. Elevate your lifestyle through a well-planned and executed home remodel.

Home remodeling services offer a transformative experience for your living space. Whether you want to enhance the value of your property or create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment, professional remodeling can make a significant impact. From bathroom renovations that provide a refreshing change to basement refinishing that converts storage space into usable living space, there are various aspects to explore. Outdoor enhancements like patios and decks can also elevate your home’s appeal. The art of whole home remodeling involves comprehensive planning, from concept to completion. Trusting experienced and vetted contractors ensures quality results and a smooth build process. By navigating the challenges and addressing common concerns, you can elevate your lifestyle and enjoy the journey of your home remodeling project.


Our Standard Rates and Policies

Residential Rates

 Pro Remod Service Tech (PRST) – $105 p/hr | 2 hr minimum
 PRST and Junior Tech – $175 p/hr

No labor markup

Materials mark-up 30%

Commercial Rates

 Call for Availability

We have a 2-hour minimum charge for all service calls. Depending on the scope discussed and confirmed upon approval, one or two specialists will come to your home. Heavier items or awkward installations will be a deciding factor. It’s best to maximize your time by making a list of items that you believe will fit into the two-hour minimum.

We’re not a licensed Plumber or Electrician, but if you need one, we can offer a recommendation.

To learn more about our rates and policies, please reach out today!



Area Of Service:
We service the Whitefish and Columbia Falls areas. We also service the surrounding Flathead County area on a case-by-case basis. Trip charges may apply.

Site Visits and Consultations:
When you hire Handy Remodeler on a Cost Plus basis, we will consult and create a project budget and cost analysis for a $500 fee.

Licensing and Insurance:
We are registered with the Secretary of State of Montana as Handy Remodeler, LLC, and have licenses from The City of Whitefish and Columbia Falls. We carry General Liability insurance and can add you as an additional insured if requested.

Please reach out if you have any questions about the services we offer!

Professional Home Remodeling in Whitefish, Montana
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We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you aren’t completely satisfied with our services – then you don’t pay a dime until we make it right!

What are you waiting for? Call us today and say bye-bye to home remodeling worries for good! We look forward to meeting you!


What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About

TJ and his crew did an amazing job on our deck rebuild. From start to finish they all were honest, professional and very good at what they do. We already have another project TJ is putting together for us. We definitely recommend TJ & MyHandyRemodeler Brenda Chapman


My remodel went great. TJ and his team are awesome! Thanks again!


I’m so thankful that I found TJ. He’s an excellent carpenter! He was reliable and his craftsmanship was superior! I can’t wait till our next project TJ. Thank you again!


I contracted with TJ Ward to do two-bathroom remodels at my log home in Montana, the job came with its challenges and TJ was quick thinking and worked efficiently to overcome those challenges, all the while communicating with me along the way, which I was very thankful for. I found TJ to be professional, easygoing, and willing to do what it takes to ensure the satisfaction of his customer. I would not hesitate to contract with TJ Ward in the future because I know he takes pride in his work and would never cut corners. I did have some issues and TJ was quick to resolve and correct those issues without hesitation. Thank you TJ – Troy Brown


Our front walk / deck was extremely unsafe and out of date. TJ removed the old and designed the new front walk / deck / steps to update the look. He completely reframed them and installed new Trex decking to enhance the exterior of our house. We highly recommend TJ and look forward to working with him on our next project.


TJ recently helped us to plan and execute a total remodel of our unfinished basement. He is, as always, very responsive with direct, timely communication. He and his crew did a fantastic job getting our project started and working around unforeseen circumstances and changes as the remodel progressed. He is an expert handyman, carpenter and jack of all trades; my wife and I would not hesitate to call on his services again in the future. Thanks TJ!


TJ is great! He totally saved us. We had been waiting forever for Lowes to install our new French doors. He came over and made sure they were installed right, shimmed, insulated and wrapped to protect our home. He made his own trim package to make sure the door fit right and was properly trimmed out to protect from water and snow. He put in a pan on the bottom he did so many things to protect the door and the house, he insulated and wrapped everything he did as he went. It looks great and we are very pleased with his work.


TJ did a great job. He was able to get to our job very quickly. He was on time, professional and gave great attention to detail. I would highly recommend him and will personally use him again in the future


TJ helped me with installation of a dog door and the demolition of shelving needed for a kennel unit. He was timely, professional, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his work! Will use his expertise again for home improvements. Thank you , TJ!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services? We’re happy to help!

Handy Remodeler LLC offers superior remodeling services in Whitefish, Montana and Columbia Falls, Montana.

We will provide you with the best remodeling services in the area, and with over 40 years of experience, you can rest easy that we will exceed your expectations.

Handy Remodeler LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of remodeling services at fair rates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We offer remodeling services, as well as many other home construction and contractor-related services. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will do our best to help!

If you’re looking for remodeling services in Whitefish, MT and Columbia Falls, Montana look no further than My Handy Remodeler by TJ Ward. Call 406-478-6555 to speak with us directly and get started today!

You can call 406-478-6555 to speak directly with TJ Ward to discuss your handyman projects today.

You can also use the contact forms on this website to get in touch or email

Thank you for choosing My Handy Remodeler BY TJ Ward!

andy Remodeler LLC offers a wide variety of contracting services for all your home construction needs. Some of our services include:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Handyman Services
  • Whitefish, Montana
  • Columbia Falls, Montana

In Whitefish, the remodeling services range from kitchen and bathroom remodels, basement renovations to entire home makeovers. Many providers specialize in energy-efficient upgrades such as installing Energy Star appliances, utilizing low-flow plumbing fixtures, incorporating solar panels, and using sustainable building materials.

You can achieve this by planning ahead and getting an accurate estimate from a reputable service provider. Consider investing in high-quality, energy-efficient products upfront as they can save money in the long run through reduced utility bills. Also, utilizing local materials can help keep costs down.

Yes, many states including Montana offer various incentives for homeowners who improve their homes energy efficiency. This could be through tax credits, loans or rebates. Its best to check with local authorities or your service provider for specifics related to Whitefish.

Most established remodeling companies in Whitefish have ample experience with integrating efficient energy use components into their projects due to growing demand. They should be able to provide you with examples of previous work and customer testimonials regarding their expertise.

Absolutely! While initial costs may be higher due to the purchase of high-efficiency products, youll save over time through lower utility bills. Plus, homes with energy-saving features often have higher resale values than those without.

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