Door Jamb Repair


Who do you call when you need a door jamb repair? Is there a local handyman near you that is dependable to fix your door frame or replace that rotting door? My name is TJ Ward owner at I have been helping homeowners like yourself who are looking for a handyman to fix your door frame and all your door repairs. I also install new pre-hung interior and exterior doors and door hardware. You will always get high quality craftsmanship, excellent communication and a professional experience from start to finish.

Repair Door Frame Kicked in

The majority of type door frame repair I get called for are to repair door frame kicked in. Also, below I will point out some common entry and interior door repairs problems that that you may find with your any of your doors. You may have both visual and operational concerns with your doors. In appearance you may need to paint or caulk on door jambs or trim. You will want your door to open and close correctly, the locks to provide security and the weather stripping to keep the heat or cold out. These features can be addressed without replacing the door. Read on and evaluate what you need to do, to make your own entry door repair. Below is a video I made on repair of a kicked in door while I was v bust helping homeowners like you when I lived in Las Vegas.and owner of HomeRepairs.Vegas

What are your options?

You have busy life, I get it. Work, Family maybe kids or grand kids, that all depends on who you talk to. Many contractors will assume an entry door repair will be an upgrade you to replace your front door. That’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for. A decent off the shelf pre-hung entrance door will run from $250 to $600 and some high end doors can run into the thousands of dollars. It will cost another $250 to $550 to have it installed, assuming there are no problems with the door and walls framing, siding and many other unforeseen issues that may be present.

I Can Help You

You are fortunate and have found a handyman that specializes in door frame repair that will be honest with you. Minimum it will involve a service call, around $170 plus any parts. This would be to adjust the door or weather stripping. You will need to decide on whether you want to be sold a new door. You could save from big if the repair is what your wanting. Read the Google Reviews of what others have said about the wide range of service you will get when you choose to hire me, TJ Ward

The Issues Could Be

Is it the door lock or deadbolt that is not working? Locks and deadbolts have their own set of problems.
Is the door leaking air or can you see daylight around it? You need to repair or replace the weather stripping.
Is your door jamb or door frame in need of repair? Is it cracked or split? It is also possible to have rotten wood near the base.
Entry door problems will normally be associated with three key areas. The alignment of the door, the hinges and the hardware that is attached to the door.
Another entry door problem is when the door is hard to move even when it is not going into the frame? Are the hinges squeaking or making noise? The hinges may be binding up.

How I can help You?

I really love entry door repair and I am very good at what I do. These repairs will have a difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 10. With over 35+ years of experience with entry door repair I guarantee you door repair will be totally satisfactorily to your liking. That’s not all I do but entry door repairs are a specialty of mine.

Free Estimates Within 24 Hours or Less

I’m Happy set up an appointment that works with your schedule, Most time with exchange of a few emails and photos I can give you and estimate for your drywall repairs within 24 hours. I will also set up a time when your entry door repair can be done that fits in your busy schedule. I can repair your entry door in a reasonable short time.Call me TJ Ward today for your free estimate.


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